Mortgage & Real Estate Specialist

Charles Scott is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University.  He is a mortgage specialist and a real estate investor.  He previously was CEO of a residential mortgage company chartered as Internet Financial Services and subsequently performed in a consulting capacity to Infinity Mortgage and Residential Home Funding, Internet Financial Services and continues to be active in commercial lending.

As an investor, Mr. Scott prospects for attractive real estate properties and can acquire or provide opportunities for other investors or prospective property owners.

Prior to real estate, Mr. Scott’s prior endeavors were in the Information Technology (I.T.) industry as an I.T Executive for a major Fortune 100 Telecommunications firm. He was responsible for the design, maintenance and enhancement of mission critical major software systems in an organization that extended over several states.

As an I.T. Consultant and part of the project team to grow corporate earnings, he traveled domestically and internationally to improve enterprise results and software marketing.  The teams focus was on the identification of enterprise ‘red zone’ issues and developing technological solutions using state of the art methodologies and products.

Mr. Scott is result orientated, highly skilled in complex project management, and excels in accomplishing objectives and developing solutions for a broad spectrum of problems.



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