NCF’s Secret Sauce

Posted: June 13, 2018


An interesting and shocking fact in the crypto industry is; 99% of ICO (Tokenization) ideas fail to address or solve any real problems in the marketplace.  More importantly, most developers/entrepreneurs pay very little attention to the three pillars that make a successful ICO; crypto economics, utility and security. 


Crypto economics plays a central role in the ICO process; without it, one’s chance of success greatly decreases.  NCF’s secret sauce lies in its ability to properly and thoroughly map out its economic skeleton placing equal focus on both cryptography and economics.  Unlike traditional ownership structure, NCF’s asset-based lending structure is a self-dissolving platform and financial process that simultaneously reduces the costs of residential and commercial real estate acquisitions; at the same time, enhancing a borrower’s credit worthiness and ability to build wealth.


When it comes to utility, most ICO’s do not maximize their token utility (total satisfaction received by the consumption of goods or services).  Once again, NCF sets itself apart by providing tokens that increase the overall value of the coin.


Finally, during and immediately after an ICO, a big target is placed on the companies back; likewise, NCF has paid great attention to security ensuring security measures exceed industry standards.

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