NCF’s Technological Advantage

Posted: July 15, 2018

Since its conception, technology continues to disrupt many industries separating those willing to embrace and adapt from those unwilling to accept change.  Over the past few decades, video companies like Blockbuster and clothing stores have been replaced by Netflix and Amazon; regardless of the industry, a business must be well prepared and extremely flexible in today’s technological fast paced world.

NCF will harness the latest technologies (smart contracts, tokens, digital wallets, ERC20 Ethereum blockchain platform and the interfaces that bridge them) to implement the COLAcoin and COLA products and their related ecosystem.

NCF offers a compelling solution for asset-based acquisition for sellers, buyers, lenders and investors; through tokenization, we are uniquely positioned to achieve:

  • A large discretionary capital base.

  • The ability to have a global footprint.

  • Low risk, high return product strategies that give us the competitive edge.

  • The ability to execute smart contracts quickly on our blockchain platform.

Bringing COLA products into the digital world not only gives NCF the technological advantage, it creates an unparallel relationship with investors and borrowers.  With speed and accuracy, our ERC20 Ethereum blockchain platform identifies and executes large complicated transactions; more importantly, it provides invaluable real-time transparency for token purchasers. In addition, NCF will have smart contracts on the blockchain platform dedicated to logistics, asset-based lending process and loan servicing.

NCF’s technologies simplify the asset ownership process; with us, it’s as easy as purchasing a vehicle. Unlike traditional financing, NCF’s asset ownership structure repossesses the asset (like a car) instead of foreclosing on it (like a mortgage).  In during so, this gives us the ability to lower our token crowd buyer investment risk to provide more flexible asset-based financing; at the same time, increasing safety for investors while giving lenders more control.

Note about the Writer                    

Having spent over 25 years advocating for a friendlier capital market system, James E. Peacock founded Northeast Capital Fund with one simple goal in mind – to make the cornerstone of the American Dream (home ownership) a reality for everyone. Although his objective is simple, the path leading to the development of “Collateralized Obligated Loan Alternative” (COLA) asset-based loan products has been long and difficult. Still, Mr. Peacock has made pathways to financial freedom his life’s work; as a result, his efforts are expected to greatly influence an important chapter in the financial industry worldwide. Mr. Peacock is taking on the financial industry in a way it has never been challenged before by ushering into existence a new social sensitive business model that better supports the “American Dream”.

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