Northeast Capital Fund I, LLC is an innovative financing and private investment firm that provides an ecosystem to transact cutting-edge asset-based lending across a blockchain platform. NCF’s two-part vision is:

Make HOMEOWNERSHIP (the cornerstone of the American Dream) a possibility for everyone especially capital challenged communities.

Become the “Next Generation” Global Real Estate Lending Platform driven by blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The lack of access to capital to underserved communities limits financial choices and opportunities; however, avenues to asset acquisition and business ownership provides communities with a solid foundation on which to grow and prosper.

“Our Mission”

Provide domestic and international markets of capital challenged communities a new lending structure; through tokenization, we provide asset acquisition in a more social-sensitive financial environment that gives buyers the flexibility to acquire capital. “Our basic philosophy is that all humans should have fair access to capital and financial resources.” By using cryptocurrency token crowd-sales to fund lending operations; COLAcoin will help provide new opportunities to asset acquisition that lifts more communities to middle class income.


When capital is available to all, it allows people to improve their economic way of life – COLAcoin increases asset acquisition opportunities to those living in capital challenged communities.


COLAcoin is one of few tokens supported by a hard asset, real estate, cash and monthly cash flow system. “Unlike traditional loans, NCF’s Ecosystem provides loans based on borrower’s ability to pay, not on one’s credit score or payment history.”


NCF is in pursuit of financial inclusion to the masses to help rebuild communities and make capital available to all. No matter what, we will continue to advocate, educate and introduce some of the most innovative financial programs the financial industry has ever seen.


COLAcoin has the potential of being more stable, trustworthy, and valuable than all other tokens or coins in the market today.


Unlike anything on the market today, COLAcoin is a utility token representing a store of value. Read our news to stay current with our progress.


New $50 Million Venture Fund Eyes Global Blockchain Adoption

A group of investors has launched a new blockchain-focused venture capital fund worth $50 million, aiming to bring the technology to the masses.

April 17, 2019


NCF’s Technological Advantage

Since its conception, technology continues to disrupt many industries separating those willing to embrace and adapt from those unwilling to accept change

July 15, 2018


World’s First Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange Debuts in Japan

On June 4, 2018, The Japanese financial services SBI Group announced the launch of its in-house cryptocurrency exchange after months of anticipation and delays.

June 21, 2018


NCF’s Secret Sauce

An interesting and shocking fact in the crypto industry is; 99% of ICO (Tokenization) ideas

June 13, 2018


Cross vertical expertise with unique core competency collectively focus to deliver on a single mission


Bernard Peacock

Estate Administrator

Co-Founder Bernard Peacock studied Finance at Hampton University in Hampton, VA.   

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Reginald Peacock

Reginald Peacock Senior Managing Member

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Mr. Charles Scott

Mortgage & Real Estate Specialist

Graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, Charles Scott is a mortgage specialist and a real estate investor.

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